Snow and Ice Structures

An experienced team with an undeniable creativity!

Over its 18 years of operations, the Hôtel de Glace has trained several artisans who have built a solid technical expertise related to the creation of structures of snow and ice. The renewal of this unique ice hotel every year has given our team an undeniable flair for creativity. Our artisans can achieve your dream, whatever it might be. At the Hôtel de Glace, we thrive on challenges!

North America's specialists

Proud of the experience gained over the years; our quality team is now recognized as specialists in the production of structures of ice and snow. We provide original turnkey services and a team that will travel to meet your projects needs. Whether the building project lasts half a day or a week, our snow and ice specialists can come up with all kinds of structures. The only limit is your imagination!

Be noticed and create unforgettable moments!

Give your event a blast of fresh air! You can call on our professionals all year round for :

  • Company logos in ice
  • Ice glasses, plates, and bowls
  • Ice bars
  • Snow and ice structures, big and small
  • Imaginative decors
  • So much more

Many projects that make us proud

Here is an overview of the previous achievements of the Hôtel de Glace’s expertise team:

Our team went to Inuvik, a town in the northern part of Canada located only two degrees below the Arctic Circle, to build an igloo worthy of the greatest Inuits. The igloo was used for an advertisement of a major beer manufacturer.

There was a real party atmosphere at Dagobert in downtown Québec City. Our team built the ice bar for the event.


Good Morning America called on our expert team to come up with ice sets for the popular television program.


Our ice sets turned heads at the launch of the Old Port winter program in Montréal.

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