Photo: Xavier Dachez


Hôtel de Glace 2018

Entirely redesigned, the 2018 Hôtel de Glace will amaze you from December 23, 2017 to March 25, 2018! Once again this year, the creative team worked hard to offer magic and enchantment. A real work of art made of ice and snow, the 2018 Hôtel de Glace will offer the discovery of a fascinating world.





The 2017 theme : Ice Circus

This winter, the Hôtel de Glace is putting on a show under a big top of snow and ice. The circus theme will bring the space to life and inspire the architecture for the second year at Valcartier Vacation Village. A playful fantasy world, this quirky universe combines modern, travelling, and traditional circus, juggling, and clowns to surprise and astonish both young and old.





The 2018 architectural plan

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