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A nordic experience to offer to your clientele!

This winter, give your clients the opportunity to discover all the magic and the exoticism of the Hôtel de Glace! Favorite destination for all winter lovers, this unique experience is also a privileged place for those who like artistic architecture design. Recognized around the world, the Hôtel de Glace offers a magical decor, beautiful ice sculptures and a particular ambience that everyone will enjoy.

A passionate team at your service

Our professional and dynamic sales team will be happy to coordinate every details of your activity at the Hôtel de Glace. Whether you choose the guided tour, the cocktail served in an ice glass, the organization of a private event or the overnight stay, a staff member will always be onsite to ensure exemplary service.

« The Hôtel de Glace is a not-to-be-missed experience in magical, unique surroundings. » Nadège Ledan Dit Guiomar, Jonview Canada

Various options that will leave your clients mesmerized! 

Tour and cocktail

Guided or not, the tour of the Hôtel de Glace is a must during your visit. The guided tours are available in English and French. This package also includes a cocktail in our famous homemade ice glasses. 

A night at the Hôtel de Glace

Visitors are increasingly looking for something out of the ordinary when planning their trip. A night in an ice hotel fits the bill: a complete change of scenery that will leave your clients mesmerized! Click here for more details.

Event at the Hôtel de Glace

You can organize various private events at the Hotel de Glace. Whether your event is small or large, the Hôtel de Glace offers interesting options and a customized service. Click here to find out more about hosting a private functions at the Hôtel de Glace.

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